Brian LaGuardia


Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger

Heir to the Empire

Heir to the Empire I’ve been following along with the new Star Wars material by Disney as a life-long fan of the franchise. As a result, it has not gone unnoticed that they are dropping a lot of hints for fans of the Expanded Universe novels (now called Star Wars: Legends) that Thrawn is about […]

GDC Developer’s Concert

GDC Developer’s Concert One of the many wonderful things about working for Austin Wintory is being along for the ride when he invariably and anually makes history. This year was no exception: he was the mastermind behind the first-ever GDC devleoper’s concert! I had the privelage of working on four of these charts: the two […]

Celeste at the World Soundtrack Awards

Celeste at the World Soundtrack Awards The honors just keep coming! This time I had the pleasure not only of arranging Lena Raine’s iconic music from the indie game Celeste, but also had the pleasure of e-meeting her and collaborating a bit! The brilliance of this music is apparent, but what was less apparent was […]

Fear of the Unknown Part II!

Fear of the Unknown, Part II! A while back, I wrote about my friend Thomas Eliot’s new one-shot tabletop horror RPG, and the theme I wrote for it which doubled as the theme for his horror podcast “Invasion of the Pod People.” One year later, I finally had the time to realize my initial vision: […]

Indie Symphony – Video Games in Concert

Indie Symphony – Video Games in Concert This past month, I arranged a bunch of Stray Gods and Celeste music for Orchestra Victoria! It’s always a thrill to arrange Austin Wintory’s glorious music, but it was a particular pleasure to meet Lena Raine and translate her wonderful work on Celeste to orchestra. While Austin’s work […]

Stray Gods: Additional String Charts!

One of the coolest things about my career right now is that I get to frequently collaborate with Austin Wintory, a man whose talent is matched only by his generosity of spirit. It is always a joy and excitement when he sends me an email with work, and this was no exception. Stray Gods was […]

The Game Awards

One of the small projects I had on my plate this year was engraving Austin Wintory’s phenomonal new “In The Blood” Arrangement for the LA Phil in a historic 10 year anniversary concert for The Game Awards. Very exciting to be a part of this, even in a small way! Sadly, I won’t be able […]

FMF Young Talent Award 2023

I had the great honor of being selected as a finalist for the Film Music Festival’s Young Talent Award this year in Krakow.

Ratliff Plays Nilsson

I arranged charts for the Rateliff Plays Nilsson concert, playing in three cities!

Stan LePard GDC Scholarship

Yesterday I received the stunning news that I was one of the five candidates annually selected for the Stan LePard GDC Scholarship!