Brian LaGuardia


Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger

So! One of the things I can finally make a ruckus about is that I got to help Austin Wintory and Darren Korb out with two tracks on the Hades OST. This is exciting for many reasons, not the least of which is that this is my first by-name credit on a video game OST! And a hell of a game it is! I must confess though it’s such a difficult play that I don’t expect to be hearing those tracks anytime soon, since they mark the completion of the game.

Anyway! Bastion was a special soundtrack to me, so the opportunity to collaborate with Darren in any way was a dream come true, not to mention Austin who mind-bogglingly still considers me a trusted ally. This wasn’t even the only project I helped out with for Supergiant! But it was special for the reason listed above, as well as the simple fact that I can now look forward to hearing something I helped get recorded in a game I’m playing.


I actually didn’t really end up doing too much in the end for this particular project…I largely just translated Austin’s MIDI into professionally formatted scores and parts. However, there was one moment where I suggested a change and they ended up going with it! So that’s always exciting, when you get to add just a little bit of yourself into a project you never thought you’d even get the opportunity to participate in. 🙂

What is the moment, you ask? Why, it’s the eight bars in “In The Blood” where the rock falls away entirely. See, I recognized the “Persephone” chord progression there because I had transcribed “On the Coast” beforehand, so I thought “why not embrace that same soothing balm of beauty and serenity, thereby capitalizing on some sweet contrast?” I ended up giving the cello the English Horn line from that track and bringing in some of the more delicate textures from the acoustic orchestra. It felt a bit presumptuous so I basically said “hey, I did a thing, hopefully you like it but if not I’ll change it back!” Fortunately I didn’t allow my star-struckedness to hold me back and it was a lovely little treat to hear that change in the final version! 2:37 is where the moment starts.

I highly recommend both the game and the score! In particular this score is amazing for cardio workouts…it’s just an astonishing number of minutes of fantastic action-oriented rock. And while the game may be hard as Hades, it is quite rewarding and just a blast to play around with.

Excited to chatter on about the project with these two gods I had an even bigger hand in, as soon as it is officially released!