Brian LaGuardia


Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger


Brian’s work on these arrangements is truly world class. The musicians had a really joyous time recording it and repeatedly made comments about how fun and engaging they were. Things like “this doesn’t even feel at all like a normal session!”

Austin Wintory

Composer for Journey, Stray Gods

Brian’s arrangements on this project really brought the album and concert to life, and were fully integral to the success of it all. Steve Kempster, our mixer who’s worked on everything under the sun for 40 odd years, had effusive complements as well. I’m so glad we brought him onboard!

Darren Korb

Composer for Bastion, Hades

Brian is without a doubt, the most creative composer and one of the most talented artists I have ever worked with. His work ethic and passion for music and video games coupled with his attention to detail and fun personality makes him an absolute delight.

Julian Rice

CEO and Founder of Rice Games

It was a pleasure working with Brian. I was blown away multiple times throughout our collaboration. Very thankful for his hard work, dedication and massive creativity! He is a composer you want on your team.

Christopher Miller

Film Director

Brian has done great work on very tight deadlines. We’re grateful for his help!

Colorado Symphony

Artistic Management

Brian is highly skilled, very professional and easy to work with. He’s got great turnaround time and did an excellent job of taking cues from me, someone who is not a trained musician, and turning them into something that fit both my vision and the film better than what I had been imagining in my head.

Thomas Eliot

Film Director

Brian is a true cinematic composer. It wasn’t until we added his voice that the project really came to life. He makes the collaboration as fun and smooth as possible and is always willing to adjust until your visions align…and even then it’s better than you’d ever hoped.

Yelizaveta Sorkin


Brian is a very personable, very serious student of both composition and conducting. He always acquits himself well and, furthermore, due to his austerity and hard work, delivers above and beyond expectations.

Bruce Broughton

Composer for The Orville, Silverado