Brian LaGuardia


Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger

The moment I have waited for for almost a full year has finally arrived. My first album as arranger, and what an incredible honor it was! I couldn’t have asked for better collaborators or more perfect, timeless songs. The Bastion medley was particularly dear to me, for reasons I’ll get into later.

This was such a high point of my life that I plan on creating several youtube videos to detail the process of collaboration between myself and these two giants. The first of those videos is available below on my new and improved youtube channel!

You can find the music video for Remember the Bastion here, featuring a glorious zoom-in on the melodica:

And the entire album with stunning visuals for free on youtube, courtesy of Supergiant Games with visuals by Nate Horsfall:

The album is also out in every format imaginable: Bandcamp, Vinyl, etc. I encourage you to pick it up. Thanks largely to these two men, a small group of world-class players, Ashley Barrett, Legendary Mixing Engineer Steve Kempster, booth reader Susie Seiter (who I’m sure caught a couple bone-headed typos for me onstage) and in some small part to me, it turned out brilliantly and is a moment in my life that I may never surpass even if I keep doing this for the next forty or fifty years. I am eternally grateful for all of these people and don’t really feel like I deserved the honor. Uh, but I’ve also been on a high for three or for days now, so…I won’t complain! I didn’t get a chance to work with some of these names, but Austin, Darren and Kristin are all the kindest human beings I’ve ever met. I hope to work with them again someday!

There are some exciting things coming next year, but for now, happy holidays and thank you for taking the time to nerd out with me about something very special!