Brian LaGuardia


Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger

One of the things I’m excited about is potentially scoring a tabletop horror RPG for a friend of mine! This sort of thing hasn’t really been done before. Though a few experiments in the world of tabletop scores have surfaced in recent years, I can’t think of any one-shot RPGs that have dedicated scores. I’ve always wanted to experiment with some sort of companion app that functions like a sounding board to accompany changes in the gameplay. This is indeed a stretch goal for Fear of the Unknown’s kickstarter campaign this October!

As an added bonus, the creator invited me onto his podcast as a guest! This was actually my first podcast appearance, and as such I definitely struggled with diction and outright misspoke a few times, some examples of which are:

  • I meant to say Television and FILMS when talking about linearity
  • Austin’s Banner Saga scores DO have lyrics on certain tracks, even though the majority of it is instrumental
  • I meant to say Jason, not Freddie
  • Generally, Library companies don’t pay you directly for your track, you instead earn income based on residuals that the film or television show generates
  • Obviously I meant Switch, not Wii

I’m sure there were more little things, which is a testament to how much more extemporaneous speaking I need to force myself to do, but overall it was a really fun experience that traversed all sorts of fun topics! There’s a link to the podcast episode below. Check it out if you’re into all things horror and horror music!